The Cherries

The Cherries is a new 6-bedroom mansion house located in the Borough of Elmbridge Surrey. The property is also an enabler project to finance the building of the client’s future home in the adjacent plot.

Having obtained planning for the two houses on this large suburban plot, our brief was to fast track building control compliance and construction. Within 8 weeks we had fully co-ordinated the design and achieved conditional building control approval. 

We chose construction methods to meet market expectations. Acoustics and solidity were the client driving requirements, therefore we used solid concrete plank floors and block wall work with underfloor heating throughout the house. In order to maximise the planning envelope and programme efficiency, we opted for a steel frame structure, which permitted the assembly within a week. 

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Architect and Lead Designer

Structural Engineer
Structural Consult

Civil Engineer
Applied Energy

CDM Principal Designer
Freehaus RIBA Stages 1-3 followed by the Contractor

Building Control
Elmbridge, EPC / SAC, Design SAP Elmhurst Energy

Local Authority
Elmbridge Borough Council

On Site


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